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Yeetz is a Florida brand founded by its owners, Briana and Javier. Bri & Javi met while working at a Jetski rental business in Tampa, Florida, where they became instantly connected through their passion of being on the water. Watersports, and the ocean in general, hold a large place in both of their hearts. Yeetz originally started as passing idea between the two when they started working in 2019. The two spent the entire season going through countless pairs of expensive sunglasses due to rough conditions on the water. It was from there, the two had said, “let’s start our own sunglasses brand.” A year later, the idea became a reality. Welcome to the Evolution!

The Mission

Our mission is to make a difference in the sunglasses industry by selling the most high quality, stylish and affordable sunglasses on the market.  All glasses come with an anti corrosive/anti salter water lens. 

The Vision

Our vision with this company is to not only create the best shades on the market, but to also inspire others to CHASE THEIR VISION. We started this company from a dream & through our story, we want to inspire others to do the same. 

The Future

Here at Yeetz we believe the future exists through helping others. Currently we are partnered with two different charitable organizations, Salty Soul Foundation & The Trovon Reed Foundation to help give back to our community.